This website wouldn't have been complete without a personal page dedicated to some of the organizations and people I have been watching, who, with patience and quiet determination, relentlessly spend their lives providing relief to the suffering of the less fortunate.

If you want to help, or simply want to know who these people are, click on the links below.



One of the organizations out there whose work underlines the unspeakable madness of war and the political figures responsible for them.

When I went to Thailand in 2004, I crossed the border to Cambodia and stayed in the country for 3 days. I was horrified with what I saw: thousands of crippled men, women and children, begging on the street, wounded by landmines left behind from 3 decades of civil war. You could probably say that this is where you can witness the rock bottom of the human condition. These people are not only trapped in a vicious circle of absolute poverty, they also have lost the only basic tools they have to survive: their limbs.

Go to the website to see the whole story:


Another organization who helps civilian victims of wars:


This organization dedicates its time and resources to children in need all over the world:


This site is actually a group of sites related to hunger, cancer, child health, literacy, environment and animal care. The concept is simple: every time you click on the button you see on each tab, the sponsors of that page help the related organization by giving them food, money or material goods.